We’ve all been so concerned with the closing of small businesses due to coronavirus fears. Our focus has, of course, been on how to get New Jersey’s economy up and running again. So you’d think that one little reality show halting production wouldn’t really matter. But it does. To a lot of people.

Of all the aspects of New Jersey that people have missed due to the COVID-19 shutdown, Real Housewives of New Jersey seems to have been forgotten. But there are plenty of people out there who have been waiting with bated breath to see Theresa Guidice start dating again after the break up from her husband Joe last December. The season was halted due to coronavirus fears back in March.

Remember, like them or not, that show is a hefty part of the housewives' income, so they’ve been out of work just like many New Jerseyans. According to realityblurb.com, Bravo announced yesterday that shooting will resume on July 20 and yes, it will highlight many elements of Theresa‘s new life as a single woman.

For many, reality TV is a way of getting your mind off of some of the challenging things that life in America has had to offer us lately. So if RHONJ is your guilty pleasure, you’re in luck. The housewives are back at it. You’ll soon get to enjoy watching them doing what they do best. Whatever that is.

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