My friend and now former Chasing News colleague Allison Gormly stopped by the studio Monday morning to say goodbye as she heads to Fort Meyers to take a job as an investigative reporter for a local news station. She's a talented and smart professional and will undoubtedly move to the top of the profession very quickly.

Photo: Bill Spadea
Photo: Bill Spadea

She also knows exactly what makes me and the morning show crew tick...BBQ pork! Her dad spent the weekend between the grill and the smoker and the result was out of this world. Pulled pork, brisket and ribs rounded out the full meal she brought to us today. Allison was also nice enough to bring rolls, cheese and sauce, but I didn't want to add anything to disrupt the meat. Outstanding. She also had a couple funny things to say on the air as she's also a regular listener on her long commute into the station.

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