Bruce Springsteen's Tuesday night concert at MetLife Stadium was his longest U.S. show ever. Will he match the feat on Thursday night?, a website dedicated to Springsteen, said his show clocked in at 3 hours and 52 minutes with a 35-song playlist. The show that kicked off the North American leg of "The River" tour, was also his third longest concert ever.

Will the 66-year-old Springsteen try to top himself on Thursday?

It could depend on the audience.

"There were some real magical moments on Tuesday night. He really connected with the crowd,"  Billboard writer Michele Amabile, who was at Tuesday's concert, said. "It was a real homecoming for Springsteen. It was incredible."

Amabile said that she felt a chill in the air when Clarence Clemons' nephew Jake came out on stage.

"It was that kind of night," Amabile said.

It depends on what songs the Boss does.

"For starters, 'New York City Serenade' was 12 minutes long! Take that into consideration,"  Amabile said, adding that he did long versions of 'Jungleland' and the Isley Brothers classic 'Shout,' where he puts on a cape and gets up and down. "He was never tired running back and fourth across the stage. All those long runs on the Long Branch boardwalk paid off."

The parking lots open 2 p.m. for Thursday's show with the gates open at 6 p.m. NJ Transit will begin service from Secaucus station to MetLife Stadium at 5:09 p.m.

Thursday will also be more humid than Tuesday.

"Your Springsteen forecast looks way closer to 'Jungleland' than 'Thunder Road' for Thursday," meteorologist Dan Zarrow said. "The chance for showers and storms is very low, and anything that does fall should be light and short-lived. However, rising humidity will make it pretty steamy. Temperatures will probably stay in the 80s for the duration of the show."

Umbrellas are not permitted to be brought into the stadium.

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