How many times have you run to make your train and then realize you forgot your mask? Well, if you're at Newark Penn Station and Hoboken Terminal, you can simply buy one from their new PPE vending machines that are being installed on a pilot basis. They will also be selling hand sanitizer, sanitized wipes, and disposable gloves.

According to, the machines will be rolled out to other terminals in the coming weeks. The Kinks once did an album called "Give The People What They Want" In New Jersey. We give the people what they need or at least think they need, depending on who you ask.

So what can we buy?  According to the Patch article:

"Face masks will be sold in several configurations, with a single 3-ply disposable costing $1 and a 10-pack of KN95 masks selling for $25. Reusable fashion masks will also be sold. Machines will accept cash or credit cards. The PPE machines are managed and stocked by a third-party vendor. They will be at the stations until the end of the year."

I'm guessing they'll be there much longer, as in forever.

This is actually a brilliant idea that I'm surprised took this long. Not only do I think these vending machines will be a money-maker, but I think by the end of the year, you'll be seeing them pop up everywhere. Don't expect them to go away when the virus ends. Here's hoping the powers that be actually let you know when the virus ends.

Regardless, I'm thinking now that New Jersey is used to the idea of wearing masks, there will be those who will keep doing so as they worry about the possibility of the next pandemic. Either way, there will always be people who will buy hand sanitizer. If only we had invested in that stock!

One tip: If you buy your candy or gum from a vending machine, make sure you put it in your mouth before you put your mask on. Don't laugh, I once had a bad experience with a piece of steak.

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