This year a lot of people are complaining about itchy eyes and sneezing, maybe a little bit more than in years past. It's expected to be pretty bad this year, and while it's already pretty rough out there for those with allergies, it appears this is only the beginning.

So far, we've been exposed to the tree pollen which usually starts to get real by mid-April. We've yet to hit grass pollen, which is around the corner and the suffering could get worse. has a rundown of what many experts in NJ are saying. The usual reasons the experts give have to do with a milder winter or wetter than usual spring. You can add climate-change to the list some experts are pointing to this year. Of course. Climate-change is responsible for just about every problem we have in today's society, so sell your SUV and go live in a tent, please.

Last week I noticed, like clockwork, around 7 in the evening my eyes would itch and burn out of control. I bought some drops and used them to some moderate success. I also picked up some Zertec, but haven't pulled the trigger on those little babies yet until I'm desperate for relief. I'm drowsy enough without meds!

I don't know if the relief with the pills is worth giving up my red wine with dinner. We'll have to see which medicine wins that battle. I always thought the powdery yellow/green stuff doesn't happen until early June, but I found a new culprit. There is a huge elm tree in front of my house which drops these little things that look like miniature trees with lots of yellow/green powder.

Photos by Dennis Malloy
Photos by Dennis Malloy

Bingo! If you see these things on your driveway or deck, they're probably the villain.

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