Recently, President Obama spoke about his ideas for immigration reform. On CBS' 'Face the Nation,' the President said that immigrants should learn how to speak English.

President Barack Obama
President Barack Obama (Spencer Platt, Getty Images)

"We need to be able to secure our border ... And we need to make sure that the millions of people who are here, many who've been here for a decade or more, and have American kids and for all practical purposes are part of our community, that they pay a fine, they pay any penalties, they learn English, they get to the back of the line, but they have a capacity to legalize themselves here."

Although I may not agree with the President on all of his points, I do agree that all immigrants should learn English. I’m so glad that my grandparents and father did because it gave me a much better chance to be successful in this country.

I don’t understand - if your desire is to stay and make it in America, why you wouldn’t learn English? I see it all across the country. There are those who don’t feel that they need to speak the language of our country, and that limits them as to what they can achieve here.

Do you think all immigrants should learn English?

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