After six years and five head coaches, the New York Giants are back in the playoffs. This after beating the Indianapolis Colts 38-10 in front of their screaming rejoicing fans who have suffered through it right with them. As great as that is, there is one other thing they can do for their fans; especially those who came out in the rain to see them on December 11. Beat the Eagles this Sunday in Philadelphia.

There are those who would say "why should it matter?" The Giants, regardless of what happens Sunday, have secured the sixth seed in the playoffs; they have nothing to play for. The Eagles, on the other hand, have lost two straight games and need the win to secure the number one seed. Should they lose, and lots of other things happen including a total eclipse of the sun, they could fall to the fifth seed. How cool would that be if you're a Giants fan?

A.J. Brown of scoring a touchdown (Photo: Sarah Stier, Getty Images)
A.J. Brown of the Eagles scoring a touchdown (Photo: Sarah Stier, Getty Images)

The last time these two teams played on that aforementioned December day, the birds humiliated Big Blue, 48-22. MetLife Stadium was filled with Eagles fans. This time, the Giants should return the favor at Lincoln Financial Field in front of those same fans who can't sell their tickets because their team still has something to play for.

Let's take a trip through the Wayback machine, shall we? Let's go back to the end of the 2020 season when all the Eagles had to do was beat the Washington Football team to put the Giants in the playoffs. What did they do? They tanked. In retrospect, I thank God they tanked because, had the Giants gotten in with a 6-10 record, Joe Judge may still be the coach; heaven forbid.

Daniel Jones of the Giants (Photo: Al Bello, Getty Images)
Daniel Jones of the Giants (Photo: Al Bello, Getty Images)

Let's go back to the final game of the 2007 season when the Giants had secured a playoff berth, and the undefeated New England Patriots came into Giants stadium. Did Tom Coughlin rest his players? Noooooo, Coughlin could never do that. What kind of coach tells his players not to care about a game they're about to play in?

The Giants were beaten by New England 38-35 in a nail-biter. It was a game that showed Big Blue that they could indeed beat New England, which of course they did a few weeks later in the Super Bowl.

As great as this season has been for the Giants, and it has been great, there is one bad taste that needs to be washed down; and it's that humiliating loss to the Eagles. Should the Giants go into Lincoln Financial Field at full strength and beat the Eagles who are hurting both at quarterback and right-tackle, they go into the playoffs that much more stronger and confident. Who knows how far that win could take them? Maybe they should ask the 2007 Giants. Eli's still in the building.

Saquon Barkley of the Giants (Photo: Al Bello, Getty Images)
Saquon Barkley of the Giants (Photo: Al Bello, Getty Images)

Should they lose, they still go into the postseason where they're playing with house money. By the way, I wouldn't be betting against the Giants in the playoffs especially if they beat the Eagles going in. As a fan, no matter what happens in the playoffs, I'd love to see the Giants remove the stigma of that embarrassing loss especially if it ruined Philadelphia's chances for the number 1 seed.

Giants head coach Brian Daboll was asked Monday how he would handle week 18:

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