Todd Ritter is a 22 year veteran law enforcement officer in Piscataway. He faces a host of charges for what you'll see happen in this video. A disorderly persons offense of assault along with third-degree tampering with public records and fourth-degree falsifying and tampering with records.

Prosecutors are technically right for charging him based on what you see here. Yet I'm going to be politically incorrect and say this suspect deserved it. Go ahead and charge Ritter if you must, but in addition to the charges I would give him a medal.

Whoever this suspect is, (we don't get to know and his face has even been blurred out) he's clearly not going to add anything to society. The one punch to the head only happens after he unleashes a string of profanity, most of which has been edited from this video, calls the officers ugly names, threatens to kill them and tries kicking out the partition so he can get at the cop.

So ask yourself at what point does this obvious street thug deserve a punch in the face? Yes, yes, I know, LEGALLY he doesn't. That's not what I'm talking about. I already said legally you can go ahead and charge the officer. I'm talking morally here. I'm pretty sure from this suspect's demeanor he understands the concept of street justice. Well he just received some. Yet this officer of 22 years is now having his job threatened. I say go ahead if you must, but please, somebody, give Ritter a medal saying, "For Outstanding Karma Given To A Punk Who Truly Deserved It."

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