If I were to ask anyone who's ever eaten at Di Lucca's Pizzeria and Restaurant in Millstone what could be done to make it better, they'd probably say nothing.

What if they added Mister Softee? Funny you should ask!


Mister Softee is the ice cream icon whose trucks those who grew up in North Jersey or New York would chase every time they hear the famous theme song is now available at Di Lucca's Pizzeria and Restaurant in Millstone. BTW, Uncle Floyd claims to have written lyrics to the Mister Softee song. "Stop! Stop! Stop! "


For those who don't remember Mister Softee, here's Eddie Murphy to remind you.

So how did Mister Softee get here? I spoke with co-owner Eric Clark.


"Actually, it's been a 6-7 year process," says Clark. "My partner Dan Pittman and I started with one Mister Softee truck now we have a six-truck operation moving up to 10 within the next two years and we have four ice cream stores as well"

Then they came to Di Lucca's.


"How we got here was from doing this area so much and being ingrained in the community we built up a relationship with Rob Crowley who was the owner here. who is now also on the truck and he and I pretty much swapped places."

For Eric, it was a dream come true.

"The dream is that we can do awesome pizza, awesome food, and the very best ice cream in the world so it will be just a hub of phenomenal creations."


Along with creating new ideas, Eric says they will still be keeping Di Lucca's recipes which date back some 50 years. As for Mister Softee's creativity, Clark, who's always coming up with new soft serve flavors to go with the classic chocolate and vanilla says:


"We've got the "banana boat" and the classic sundaes," says Clark The best part about this is that it can all be customized. Somebody asked for a pineapple upside-down cake milkshake the other day, I'm thinking what can I do to make that? Some pineapple, a little cherry a little graham cracker there you go, a specialty milkshake that's not even on the menu"

So what makes the combination of Di Lucca's pizza and Mister Softee so good?

"Years of perfection honestly," says Clark. "The recipe book for this place is some 50 years old moved across four successful locations in Staten Island. Mister Softee is just the very best. It's already self-explanatory. It's building off nostalgia. Most people here grew up with it, once they see the flag and hear the music, they gravitate toward it.


As someone who got to sample it again after all these years, I can tell you it's as good as it ever was.

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