After it was revealed that a New Jersey traveler had contracted the Omicron COVID-19 variant, it’s starting to feel like we will never catch a break.

While the person who tested positive has remained anonymous, there are a couple of things that we do know.

The woman was fully vaccinated and tested positive for COVID-19 on Nov. 28. After a series of tests it was determined that she had the Omicron variant. In terms of symptoms, they are luckily moderate, but she's receiving care in a hospital so that she can be observed.

If you are unfamiliar with Omicron, you’ve perhaps been living under a rock. But it is the latest strain of COVID-19, everyone’s new panic, and was designated as a “variant of concern,” by the World Health Organization.

It was first identified in South Africa but it has spread to over 20 countries. The first U.S. case was found in California, but now a few have been identified in the New Jersey region. Some reports have said this strain will spread quicker than previous ones, but there are still plenty of unknowns.

Thankfully, cases of Omicron have been quite moderate but scientists are trying to figure out whether or not this variant will spread like the others have, and whether or not it withstands the jab.

Covid-19 Testing Facilities At Schiphol Airport
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Omicron aside, COVID-19 cases have started to rise in New Jersey again, and that’s why we’re starting to see people wearing masks in public again.

Unfortunately, this is going to stall the light at the end of the tunnel once again. Will it never end?

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