Oprah Winfrey has donated half a million dollars to help keep "Lights On" at a Newark school led by principal Akbar Cook.

The media mogul visited West Side High School on Friday evening, during the weekly program started by Cook to give kids a safe place to spend time and have basic needs met, like doing laundry and eating a full meal.

In video posted by Oprah Magazine to Instagram, a caption said "Oprah heard the story one evening on CBS News and decided she wanted to help him further the Lights On Program. This is the result."

Aside from coverage on CBS News, Principal Cook has been a guest twice on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show, where he was gifted $50,000 each time toward his efforts to keep students safe and cared for.

Before announcing the sizable donation, Oprah also provided pizza for the event, from her "O that's Good" food line.

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