Jennifer Love’s daughter Emma is a special needs kid with severe autism and epilepsy. She’s also 100% non-verbal.

Her mom is on a mission after a terrible experience twelve years ago where the school bus Emma was traveling on from Cranford to her school in Neptune got lost in Camden. The kids were out of communication for more than six hours according to Jennifer, and she told me on air, she thought that was the last she’d see her daughter.  It’s an emotional story that does not have to be repeated.

On one hand, as a taxpayer, getting the lowest bidder to do the work is important. On the other hand, how about accountability and minimum standards? Jenn has a simple solution, require the busses transporting special needs kids to have cameras and GPS tracking. Given the technology today with apps like “Find my Phone”, this would be a simple and easy fix that will certainly put the minds of parents at ease.

So without going through the lengthy, complicated and expensive process of new legislation, all the advocates want to do is have Governor Murphy issue an executive order and make it happen.

Simple. Inexpensive. Necessary.

Please call the Governor’s office (609) 292-6000 and use the hashtag #EmmasLaw on social media and in the contact form HERE. Let’s make it happen.

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