This week’s episode of “Speaking Millennial” is one big experiment (and no, not the kind of “experimenting” I did in college, much of which is now considered “illegal” and “immoral” by “people” which is “totally bogus, man”.)

Spadea got the great idea to do the show while we were all in the car, on our way to a Speaking Millennial live appearance.  Jessica Nutt very gamely lugged along a portable recorder and two mics, and then sat in the front seat, holding the microphone for Bill as he drove.

It worked pretty well, with the discussion dancing from the color choice of Bill’s new Jeep, the mechanics of “Mom Cars”, and whether you can tell a good BBQ place by if it has a picture of a pig on it or not.

I worry, though, that this experiment might be a side-effect of Bill having approximately 72 jobs and only sleeping one or two minutes each night.  The man is stretched thinner than Anne Coulter on a juice cleanse and he needs to maximize every moment of his day.

But where does it end?  Will the next podcast be recorded while he jogs?  During his twice-weekly mani/pedi?  While he’s in the shower?

What’s the endgame here Spadea?  How much more work can you possibly do!?

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