Today is the day we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King. It's also the day that we remember his famous "I Have A Dream" speech delivered during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom on Aug. 28, 1963.

If you were to have a dream for New Jersey in 2017, what would it be? I recently asked some of my followers on social media and here are their responses:

  • Rob - Less socialism;
  • Cathy BlairGet rid of Cristie;
  • Tom ZolaTo secede;
  • Michael LigatoGet rid of religion;
  • Joanne Ginn Glassoff - Don't get me about getting rid of that gas tax????
  • Diana MarianiIt would float away;
  • Comic Dave EvansA new comedy club in South Jersey;
  • Kimberley D. Witkowski - Lower taxes;
  • Jimmy MatthewsZero tolls;
  • Richard HallMake the New Jersey Turnpike shorter from Delaware Memorial Bridge to NYC;
  • Doug WagerFor it to slide into the Atlantic;
  • Diana MarianiNot a fan of the sand barge either? Haha!
  • Daniel MortonLower taxes, impeach Christie, give state funded help to those who deserve it instead of giving it to help these drug addict bums and lazy moms with 12 kids from other fathers to pay their Cadillacs and iPhones and for school employees to collect unemployment like everyone else.
  • Eric JensenThat Chris Christie would go away;
  • G. DullConcealed carry;
  • Tom MaddenThat New Jersey got rid of confusing jug handles;
  • Jerry RubinoTake a trip to Oshkosh, WI and you will have no problems with ours;
  • Thelma TurnerGet rid of Christie and have the minimum wage increased;
  • Scott William WotherspoonTo break off and sink into ocean;
  • Diana MarianiThat earned you a friend request too! I am happy go-lucky person and I love everybody and everything... except Tom Brady and New Jersey.
  • Jerry RubinoThe Chicken Or The Egg on in Beach Haven would open a location up north.

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