Last week we had the story of the lowlife who stole the jar of donations intended for a VFW post. Well, police say they caught her.

Facebook, Old Bridge Police Department

The name of the woman arrested and charged is Sheriann Dephino of Monroe, and the Old Bridge police credit the “overwhelming” response of the public not only with leads for the case, but with donations to the VFW as well.

She’s been charged with burglary by entering structure and theft of movable property. This isn’t her first brush with the law. She was arrested in 2015 basically for allegedly being a drunken idiot.

She was charged with public disturbance, public consumption of alcohol, and interference with police; while that might not be all that memorable, her mugshot certainly was. Check it out below.

Cops say Sheriann Depinho drunkenly refused to cooperate with police — and it got her arrested. (Courtesy of Spotswood Police)

Not a care in the world!

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