After spending an hour on the air discussing where you can get the best pizza in all of New Jersey, I decided to throw out the question on our social media platforms.

Two things we learned:

Joe Votruba
Joe Votruba

1. EVERYONE has an opinion when it comes to the best pizza in New Jersey.
2. Almost everyone's favorite is different.

We received a over more than suggestions on Facebook, and even more on Twitter.

The ones suggested the most often — from yesterday are Brothers Pizza in Hamilton, Delorenzos in Robbinsville, and Federici's in Freehold.

So here is what we are going to do. We are going to be extending this over a much longer period of time. No, not just so I can have endless dinner options, but because I want to crown an undeniable king or queen of New Jersey pizza.

Who's got the best pizza in Central Jersey?

These things take time and planning. Here is how it's going to work. From today through this weekend, we are accepting your nominations for the best pizza joint in Central Jersey.

Yes, the concept of Central Jersey is very much up in the air, but for the sake of pizza, let's say between Route 78 and Route 195. If your favorite pizzeria happens to fall in that part of the Garden State, or even if you have a specific favorite from that part of the state, we want to hear from you.

Once we've got all your nominations, I'll head to the top few, report back, and we'll declare a winner.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be doing the same thing for North Jersey, South Jersey, and the Jersey Shore — before we pit each region against the others (don't worry — we won't forget about all the great suggestions from the far corners of the state we've gotten already).

Tell us on Twitter @NJ1015 or keep chiming on on this Facebook post all weekend.

— Joe Votruba

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