SEASIDE PARK — Area residents answered the call for donating fresh-cut Christmas trees to help build beach dunes, as Island Beach State Park collected 10 times as many as expected.

"We far exceeded our goal of 200 Christmas tree donations this weekend, receiving more than 2,000 trees!" state officials said on the park's Facebook page Monday, following a Saturday collection drive.

Now, the park has asked for volunteers this coming Saturday, Jan. 11, at 8 a.m. to help put donated trees onto the dunes.

According to the state park service, donated trees will help fill in areas where dune growth is needed the most.

"The trees help to capture sand that is blown and grows the dune at a much faster rate than they would naturally," the same Facebook post said.

People who want to help place the donated trees were asked to register online.

Island Beach State Park tree collection 2020 (NJ DEP/State Park Service)

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