It's no surprise that the Jersey Shore is a favorite among favorite places to be during the summer months. From the long stretch of beaches to the food and games on the boardwalks, New Jersey is very fortunate to have such a treasure within its borders.

Over the years, however, taking even a day trip to the Shore has been getting more and more expensive. And we're not just talking taxes, either. That one is a common sore spot for all New Jersyans no matter where they live.

All the changes I'm referring to have been gradual over time. If you've been visiting the Jersey Shore during the summer months over the years, you know what I mean.

Along with visitors, locals also know how expensive it became as time has gone by. Now yes, many locals hate the crowds the summer season brings, but that's something that'll never change.

A crowded beach in North Wildwood on Saturday
A crowded beach in North Wildwood on Saturday (North Wildwood Buildings, Parks & Grounds)

But the one common ground both locals and visitors can agree on is this. The Jersey Shore is getting way too expensive. And this latest change calling for more expensive boardwalk games might be the one that ends Jersey Shore visits for good.

Before we dive into this genius idea from our lovely state, let's first look at what makes going to the Jersey Shore so expensive now.

Jenkinson's Boardwalk Game
Jenkinson's Boardwalk Game

Games are expensive to play

Games can cost a few dollars to play, with some possibly being as high as $10. Think about how quickly this adds up when you play a few games just to try and win a cheap prize that will almost certainly cost less than the amount you dumped into these games just to try and win it.

We'll revisit this in just a moment as what New Jersey is looking to possibly change affects these very games.

Parking Meter Urban
Carl Zoch, ThinkStock

Parking is expensive

What used to be only a dollar an hour at most is often much higher now. And it's trickled up over the years.

Think about how much cheaper it used to be? And it's always an excuse to justify the insanely high costs to park a vehicle. Sometimes it's better to park far away and walk just to avoid spending a fortune before spending another fortune.

Fast Food Restaurants Remain Firm Favourites With UK Consumers
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Food is expensive

Hungry? You're better off eating before visiting the shore. A slice or two of pizza might be just as expensive as a large pie in a typical pizzeria.

Not to mention how much water and ice cream cost. You'd spend just as much at a high-end restaurant for much better quality.

Beach badge booth in Seaside Heights
Beach badge booth in Seaside Heights (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ)

We pay to use the beach

One of the biggest kickers is right here. By the time you go practically broke just getting to the beach, get ready to spend another fortune.

The justification is it's necessary to keep the beaches clean and maintained. And yet, garbage gets left behind. And somehow, other states manage this without ridiculous beach badge requirements.

A man opening wallet looking for some money

Back to those boardwalk games... It might get worse

With everything mentioned above, boardwalk games might double in price soon. As of this writing, it's not a done deal yet, but the proposal is there to allow the cost to play these boardwalk games to possibly double.

That means if a board game used to cost $10, it may now cost $20 to play. You can see the proposal for yourself from New Jersey's Legalized Games of Chance Control Commission by clicking here.

You do have a chance to comment on this proposal before July 1. So if this bothers you, please don't stay silent and make your voice heard.


More signs that things are catering to the wealthy

Even beyond this, there are signs of the Jersey Shore becoming a place more for the wealthy. One example of this can be found in Long Branch, Monmouth County.

For those that have visited the beaches in Long Branch in the past, take note of how much it's changing. The sheer amount of luxury apartment complexes going up along the coast is simply incredible. It certainly isn't what it used to be, and is a jarring reminder of how much parts of the shore are really catering toward those who are much wealthier than the average New Jerseyan or its typical visitors.


The evidence is clear: The Jersey Shore is more for the wealthy

From expensive parking, expensive food, beach badges, and more, it pretty much costs a fortune to spend a day at the Jersey Shore. And now with this new proposal to allow boardwalk games to cost as much as $20 to play, that might be the icing on the cake for many.

And every year it gets worse. So unless you're wealthy, the Jersey Shore might simply be too expensive to visit anymore. Please, New Jersey, make it more affordable during the summer season once again.

Americans Begin To Celebrate Fourth Of July Holiday Weekend At Jersey Shore
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