FLORHAM PARK -- Hello, Larry.

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)
Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. (Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

Long-time New York Jets fan Larry David made a cameo appearance at the team's training camp practice Wednesday, and the creator of "Seinfeld" and "Curb Your Enthusiasm" got to meet his favorite cast of characters.

That included quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, whom David recently begged during a radio interview to shave his bushy beard. Well, Fitzpatrick actually has trimmed it since then and he was eager to see what David thought.

"We hashed it out," said a smiling Fitzpatrick, who is a big "Seinfeld" fan. "I don't know if I've got to take it all the way off. He's a tough guy to read."

Fitzpatrick chatted with David, who also has said he thinks he could be an NFL offensive coordinator, and mentioned his appearance in 2012 on the FX sitcom "The League," which was about a group of friends and their fantasy football league.

David then asked the quarterback if he thought acting was difficult.

"Yeah," Fitzpatrick told him. "It's a lot like a normal person thinking they could come in and be an offensive coordinator."

Wow, Fitz. No acting for you!

"I actually got him to chuckle, which was great," Fitzpatrick said. "That was my goal for the day. That was pretty cool. Man, I loved that show growing up, and even still. It was neat meeting somebody so creative."

Fitzpatrick said he probably could watch five episodes of "Seinfeld" a day, if he had the time.

He also acknowledged that he really hasn't watched much of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." But now that he's buddy-buddy with David, Fitzpatrick was asked if maybe there's a guest appearance in the works.

"If they need somebody to make fun of, then, yeah," a grinning Fitzpatrick said. "I'd probably be pretty good at that."

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