No surprise here. The Senate Ethics Committee says it will not act on a complaint against Sen. Cory Booker for releasing those "committee confidential" docs during the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. You remember it; the grandstanding senator proclaiming his move as so bold that it was as close to an "I am Spartacus" moment as he'd ever get?

The problem of course was those documents had already been approved for public release. Republicans say Booker was told this. To make public documents that were already being made public doesn't even amount to jay walking. What it does amount to is a senator who is an attention whore. His hey-look-at-me-look-how-brave-I-am nonsense falls flat for anyone with half a brain.

Judicial Watch, described by as a right-leaning watchdog group, filed the complaint. I actually wish they hadn't taken Booker's bait. He's all about theatrics. Remember the cup of coffee he raced off to hand deliver to Kavanaugh's accuser when she took the stand? Booker loves the camera. But some of us still love integrity more.

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