It's Day 341 of 15 days to stop the spread. There is no so-called "metric" to justify why people in New Jersey are being kept from large gatherings, big events at restaurants and catering halls, being forced to keep their kids isolated from a normal school experience and masked up nearly everywhere.

We know that the vaccine has only been administered to around 4% of residents, yet not only have hospitalizations, deaths and sickness collapsed through the floor, even the highly inaccurate PCR test results, used to deny you your civil liberties over the past 11 months, have shown a drop of nearly 50% in positive results. So even if you believe in the idea of the government stripping you of your rights in order to stop positive cases for a virus that has a 99.8% survival rate, isn't' this a victory? Not so fast, says the governor who has changed the goal posts every thirty days to justify emergency powers.

We have a mutated strain of the virus! The U.K. variant, the South Africa variant! This could be the final days of humanity! Except, as of the middle of this week, the state had about 40 cases. That's 40 cases out of 9 million people. That's about 4 people out of every million. For comparison, during a typical flu season, about 1,000 NJ residents will die from influenza and pneumonia. Heart disease claims about 18,000 a year and so on. Not only has the virus gone silent in New Jersey, but if you look at places like Alabama, Florida and other places which are open for business without the absurd masks mandates, the virus is also gone. What does that tell you? The virus behaves the same whether you lock down or stay open. Only arrogant elites like Murphy would have you believe that your future is subject to whether he is comfortable.

Now the propaganda machine is in full swing, including Homeland Security bureaucrats trying to make you think that anyone opposed to the potential of a mandatory vaccine is spreading disinformation. But all that noise can't trump the facts that deaths have been reported following the vaccine in several countries AND more than 1,000 reports of post vax deaths have been reported to the CDC.

You have to ask yourself, if the disease is so deadly, why is no one dying now? If it was so bad before, when did it peak on its own in April with government and hospital bureaucrats feeling that they needed to pad the death counts? If it is so deadly, why did South Korea and Sweden remain open and experience a relatively low impact? Why no second wave in Sweden? Why are restaurants packed in Florida with no spread? The virus has run a natural course and we are nearly at herd immunity, that's why.

The mortality rate is around the seasonal flu virus yet you are told by the governor that we can't go back to normal until 70% of adults are vaccinated? That's crazy defying logic and reason. Plus he simply doesn't have the right to do it. Your business is shuttered and you have to hope that Murphy decides to take his knee off your neck? Small business is perhaps the biggest victim, in economic terms, from this lockdown.

I asked Chris Markowski, an investment and economic expert, to weigh in on the contrast between New Jersey and other states that are open for business.

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