It's a great close, but you can only do it once; even if it was on April Fools' Day.

After a comedy show on Saturday night at Studio 67 in Medford, where I performed with Bob Dibuno, nationally known for his Donald Trump impersonation, and Jason Pollock, emcee Justin Gonzales returned to the stage, not to say goodnight, but to bring up his fiancé Kiersten Johnson; where he married her in an official ceremony performed by Pollock.

Kiersten Johnson and Justin Gonzales with Officant Jason Pollock (Photo: Steve Trevelise)
Kiersten Johnson and Justin Gonzales with Officiant Jason Pollock (Photo: Steve Trevelise)

Gonzales who, when he's not telling jokes, is also a tenor who, among his many other talents, is the lead singer for the Queen tribute band, 33 1/3 Live's Killer Queen Experience.

He also appears on my New Jersey 101.5 show every Wednesday night, and tells the story of how this all came about.

We met on Facebook’s dating app the day we were both thinking of deactivating our profiles. This was the summer of 2021. We knew pretty early on that Kiersten, her now 11-year-old daughter, Emerie, and myself were going to make a happy little family.

Kiersten Johnson, Emerie Johnson, and Justin Gonzales (Photo: Steve Trevelise)
Newlyweds Kiersten Johnson and Justin Gonzales with Kiersten's daughter Emerie (Photo: Steve Trevelise)

Why get married at a comedy show?

Getting married as the finale of an April Fools' comedy show was actually her idea. We already were planning a low-key wedding; so many people start their lives together getting into monstrous amounts of debt because of their wedding day. We didn’t want to start our lives together that way.

Why Studio 67?

We were planning on having our wedding at Studio 67 Medford. It is such a wonderful space for art and community. It’s beautiful, affordable, and run by one of the nicest guys in New Jersey, Jeffery Lucas. As conversations about our eventual wedding day became more frequent with Kiersten’s parents, we got more and more excited for the day to come already!

Newlyweds Kiersten Johnson and Justin Gonzales (Photo: Steve Trevelise)
Newlyweds Kiersten Johnson and Justin Gonzales (Photo: Steve Trevelise)

I told Kiersten about the show that Jason Pollock and I were going to put on for April 1st, she said, 'WE SHOULD GET MARRIED AFTER THE SHOW!' After a bit more talking, we decided that we would invite our friends and family to come to this AMAZING show that was going to happen in Medford, NJ that was going to have a special surprise at the end. We knew that everyone was expecting me to propose… APRIL FOOLS! No proposal… welcome to the wedding!

Steve Trevelise, Bob DiBuono, Kiersten Johnson, Justin Gonzales, and Jason Pollock (Photo: Steve Trevelise)
Steve Trevelise, Bob DiBuono, Kiersten Johnson, Justin Gonzales, and Jason Pollock (Photo: Steve Trevelise)

My dear friend and brother in comedy, Jason Pollock, was the perfect officiant; keeping things meaningful and funny. I was so glad that I was able to have two of my good friends performing that night, Steve Trevelise and Bob DiBuono. We entertainers don’t often get to join in life’s special moments because of our performance schedules. It was so meaningful to have two of the nicest guys in the business there as part of my family.

It was an honor to be part of such a great night! Congratulations to the happy couple!

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