SOUTH AMBOY — A city woman whose family's home was burglarized is pleading with the thieves to return one item: A box containing her late uncle's ashes.

Jamie Stratton, niece of the victim, says burglars kicked down the front door, stole the box and jewelry that included a commemorative wedding band set.

Stratton says her aunt, Liz Stratton, "just wants the box to be returned," and the jewelry has no value compared to his ashes.

Liz Stratton was away from Oct. 24 to Oct. 30 and the family isn't sure when the South Amboy home was burglarized.

"To the ***hole that broke into my 76-year-old aunt's house and stole her husbands ashes, I hope he haunts you for the rest of your life! The jewelry you stole was bad enough but to take someone’s ashes is sick!" Jamie Stratton said online.

The Friends of South Amboy Organization is offering a $500 reward for the safe return of the cremated remains.

City police said the cremated remains would be in an emerald green plastic box like the one below.

Sample boxes containing cremated remains (South Amboy PD)
Sample boxes containing cremated remains (South Amboy PD)

The box could also be in a brown cardboard box.

The boxes would have labels identifying the cremated remains by registration number and “Gundrums Service Home for funerals.”

Police ask anyone with information to call them at at 732-721-0111.

Associated Press contributed to this report.