🚧 A sinkhole closed the ramp from Route 287 north to Route 78 east in June 2022

🚧 A temporary ramp was built next to the permanent ramp

🚧 The permanent ramp will reopen Monday at 6 a.m.


BEDMINSTER — A key Central Jersey highway ramp will be closed all weekend as final repairs stemming from a sinkhole over a year ago are completed.

The ramp from Route 287 north to Route 78 east was closed in June 2022 when a large sinkhole opened on the right shoulder and part of the right lane. Several weeks later an adjacent temporary ramp opened while the original ramp was torn up and rebuilt.

The original ramp is now ready to return for use, meaning the temporary ramp will be closed the entire weekend starting at 7 p.m Friday for prep work. The original ramp is scheduled to reopen Monday at 6 a.m.

The work to be completed during the weekend includes final paving plus the installation of signage, guardrails and lighting.

The eastbound Route 78 bridges over Route 202/206 and Washington Valley Road are also scheduled to be closed between 8 p.m. Friday night and 7 a.m. Saturday morning. All traffic will be directed to stay left to use the two temporary lanes.

Map showing closed ramp and detour on Route 287
Map showing closed ramp and detour on Route 287 (Canva)

How do you get around the closure in Route 278?

The DOT's “official” detour is for drivers to continue north to Exit 26 (Route 525/Mt. Airy Road).

  • Take Exit 26B/CR 525 north (Mt Airy Road north/Bernardsville)
  • Stay right to take the ramp to I-287 southbound
  • Take Exit 21A to I-78 eastbound

New Jersey 101.5's Bob Williams said drivers could also exit Route 287 at Exit 22B for Route 202/206, U-turn at River Road to get back to Route 287 south and onto Route 78 east. Another possible alternative is to enter Route 78 east from Exit 26 (Route 523 Spur) or Exit 33 (Route 525).

Once the permanent ramp is reopened work will begin to remove the temporary ramp.

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