For a few weeks we've been talking about the horrendous and deceiving move by education bureaucrats and sneaky politicians to raise your taxes.

I've got some good news. Proving the point that YOUR vote actually does count, voters in Moorestown, North Arlington and in Edison, stopped the runaway tax and spend train in it's tracks.

In Edison, the unofficial totals were reported on Facebook, 3,677 'NO' votes to 2,640 'YES' votes. That's a huge turnout and huge win for working and middle class families who can't afford another tax hike. I will continue to inform you about upcoming votes and help answer questions about the lack of spending priorities in Trenton and in some local districts.

On a related note, shame on the Toms River activists who used their kids and spent tax payer money on a police escort on Tuesday to rally in Trenton to cry about a loss of state funding.

First of all, how can anyone take a group from a Republican town in a Republican County seriously when they are screaming and crying for more spending? These are the same people who line up to complain about how high taxes are. The worst part? They recently passed a tax and spend referendum throwing another $147 million to their schools. And Superintendent Dave Healy is still making his high six-figure salary complete with bonuses and perks. Total hypocrites. Of course they were joined by radical activist Piper Perabo, Toms River native known for getting arrested at the Kavanaugh hearings.

So these so-called 'fiscally responsible advocates' have sold their political soul to join with radical Leftists to beg the Governor for more money? Wow. Disappointed, but not surprised. I can tell you with all the events we've done in the area and the friends I have in Toms River, this group of whiners who showed up to beg for the scraps off of Governor Murphy's table do not represent most people in Toms River.

Toms River is a great town. Really represents the culture and diversity of New Jersey. I hear former NY Mets player Todd Frazier joined them too...what a joke. Todd really ought to stick to baseball. The good news is celebrities, propaganda and crying kids manipulated by irresponsible adults are not enough to fool New Jersey voters into paying even more in taxes. The middle and working class in our state are waking up and fighting back. More to come.

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