Not everyone should worry about the Pagan motorcycle gang making moves here in New Jersey. Well, if you're a member of a rival gang, you should. These folks have a reputation for being ruthless and violent when it comes to competition. If you're a member of law enforcement, under current drug laws, your life might get a whole lot more dangerous, and that's unfortunate. As an advocate for decriminalizing all drugs, like they did in Portugal over 15 years ago, I have a question for you.

Would you rather have regulated and licensed businesses selling recreational drugs or the Pagans, or any number of violent criminal gangs? Hmmm. I don't do drugs. I don't like drugs. But I'm amazed at the fact that we haven't learned the lesson over the past 60 years that it took our country only a decade to learn back in the 1920s. Prohibition doesn't work!!!

The only things it produces is bigger more violent criminal organizations and an extremely dangerous environment for law enforcement. You don't have to be a druggie or a stoner to realize the absolute futility of continuing this ridiculous "war on drugs". It is wasteful, stupid, and deadly. Doing away with it won't increase drug use. If you're gonna do them, you're gonna do them no matter what and the consequences are worse than the law, but the laws only guarantee you will have less of a chance at a productive life.

I'm not worried about the Pagans. I don't belong to the Hells Angels or any other rival drug-dealing gang, and I'm not in law enforcement. Many in law enforcement see the nonsensical futility of these laws and hope they change more than I do. They have a lot more at stake than you or me... their life!

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