More pandering to the America hating progressives who want you to feel guilty about anything that happened before Barack Obama became President. Remember when Michelle Obama essential indicated she was finally proud of our country when her husband won a string of primaries. Seems modern thought police emboldened by social media and complete incompetence teaching American and world history in our public schools are on a mission to institutionalize white guilt.

I’m pretty sure that the folks who will foot the bill for the latest white-guilt, blame America crowd won’t be anyone who actually owned slaves. The very idea of reparations after more than 160 years after the Civil War is absurd and harmful. It’s arguably one of the most racist things proposed by the Democratic majority in Trenton. While working and middle class families struggle to survive and NJ tops the list of people fleeing for less expensive places to call home, your leaders in Trenton want to hurt you more. Not for anything you did, but for actions taken by Europeans and Africans long before our nation was born.

Should black descendants of African slave owners also be held responsible for this stain on world history? What about relatives of people who currently enslave people? Yes, slavery still exists today, nations like India, China and Cambodia are among the worst. If our politicians want to help people of color then how about reducing crime in our cities? How about creating economic opportunities for small business and entrepreneurs? How about reducing the tax and regulatory burden driving employers out of state? How about reducing property taxes? How about addressing real issues impacting and hurting New Jersey families of all colors?

Question, will there be a discussion on reparations for Italian-Americans? After all, they’re victims too, right? They who suffered one of the largest single lynchings in American history after a mob was allowed into a jail following the murder of a local police chief.

While were at it, let’s troll through history for every misdeed and evil crime and then just redistribute everyone’s money to the victims. Opportunity and liberty are true reparations of the evil of slavery.

We can’t undo the past. We can however move forward and lift everyone to the next level. Making progress now to help people realize the American dream is the best thing we can do for people who have been wronged in the past. But to explore another tax in order to satisfy the guilt of modern progressive politicians is a dangerous precedent to set and will be harmful to the very people these radicals intend to help.

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