New Jersey AG Gurbir Grewal is clearly using his Law Enforcement role to further his left wing progressive political agenda. The latest threat to public safety is after he made NJ a 'sanctuary state' by preventing Law Enforcement agencies in NJ from cooperating with the lawful actions of fellow Law Enforcement Officers at Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This disastrous policy was directly responsible for the release of a man accused of raping a child. The lives of LEOs are put in jeopardy when dangerous perps are released from jail. The lives of our friends and family members are put in jeopardy when the man in charge of Law Enforcement in NJ puts the interest of criminal aliens over law abiding citizens.

Now the Legislature is reinforcing this dangerous policy trend by pushing to give drivers licenses to people here illegally.

Thankfully there are voices of reason still left in our state. One of those strong voices speaking out for common sense and public safety is the Sheriff in Sussex County, Mike Strada.  He's standing firm against the AG and cooperating with ICE when it comes to getting dangerous criminals off the streets. He's opposed to this push for drivers licenses. He's not alone.

As I've said repeatedly, there are more of us than there are of them. We, as legal, law abiding Americans and proud New Jersey residents need to stand up and fight. It's our home. Politicians like Gurbir Grewal are willing to be apologists for criminals. They are leading public policy implementation, which is putting you in danger. Time to fight back.

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