In a recent Politico article, the writer talks about the conflation of Phil Murphy’s LGBTQ awareness curriculum and the state’s new sex ed curriculum. He makes it clear that the STATE came up with the sex ed curriculum, the guv owns the LGBTQ stuff. His point was that Republicans are using the state’s updated sex ed standards to denigrate governor Murphy as if he is the one who came up with it.

Now, just in case you haven’t heard, the new sex ed standards include teach the difference between vaginal, anal and oral sex. But whatevs.

All Murphy did, the article says, was sign into law the [equally vacuous] LGBTQ curriculum, which teaches kids what important contributions to society those in the LGBTQ community have made. (Not sure exactly why there is not a similar unit on what Asians have contributed, what Russians have contributed ... you get my drift. But, typical of the progressive agenda, they can’t see the forest for the trees.)

But WHO came up with the content is not the problem. The problem IS the content. This still leaves the Democrats who control the state Legislature with the blame for the disgusting sex ed curriculum that assures you your child will know the difference between oral sex, anal sex and vaginal sex by the time he or she is in eighth grade. Yup. That’s not an exaggeration. That’s what the new sex ed curriculum assured us.

And the wording does not say “in eighth grade,” which would be appalling enough, it says “by the eighth grade” which presumably means those three sexual positions could be taught anytime the school feels they need to in order to fulfill the requirement.

I’ve never had a problem with sex ed, or what my middle school called “the biological unit.”
Even though my parents preferred to teach me the fine details at home, looking back, I understand that some parents appreciated the general overview that schools gave.

But that was when sex was just sex and boys and girls were just boys and girls. That was before it was assumed you’d be having sex by the time you were in high school and before we were routinely inoculating our middle school children against a sexually transmitted disease, as if it were a measles shot. It was before all the complicated new rules of gender and sexuality. Sex and all of the positions therein in should be left to families to either teach or not to if that’s what they deem is appropriate.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi Franco’s own.

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