🔴 YouTuber SeanPaul Reyes refuses to stop recording video outside the Rahway MVC office

🔴 He also refuses to show his hands when asked by Rahway police officers

🔴 Reyes believes state property is public property and he can be there just to record video

RAHWAY — The Union County Prosecutor’s Office has been asked to conduct an internal investigation into a video showing an interaction with police officers outside the MVC office.

The 30-minute edited video posted Sunday by YouTuber SeanPaul Reyes of Long Island shows his encounter with Rahway officers after an MVC supervisor and armed security tells him to stop recording video in front of the building for road tests.

Reyes at the start of the video says his intent is to "peacefully exercise our First Amendment right to film in public in publicly accessible areas to promote transparency and accountability within our government and to ensure that our public servants recognize our rights and treat us with respect."

The video, which has no indication of when it was recorded, is titled “Aggressive Police Officer Attempts To ILLEGALLY Search Journalist! Sgt. Sets Horrible Example." It had 660,000 views in five days.

MVC workers encountered by SeanPaul Reyes at the Rahway MVC office
MVC workers encountered by SeanPaul Reyes at the Rahway MVC office (Long Island Audit via YouTube)

Rahway police arrive

The situation escalates as Reyes refuses to take his hands out of his pockets as requested by the first two responding officers. One of the officers reaches for his hand but Reyes tells her that he does not consent to a search and seizure.

They call for their road supervisor who again asks Reyes to show his hands upon his arrival in order for their conversation to continue.

"If you want to speak to me take your hands so I know I'm safe and you're safe," the road supervisor said. "I'm asking to see your hands the way you can see mine."

Rahway officer and road supervisor who responded to the MVC offfice
Rahway officer and road supervisor who responded to the MVC office (Long Island Audit via YouTube)

Accusations against police

Reyes accuses the police officers of being "scared" of someone with their hands in their pockets and suggests they find another job. He accuses the officers of being "ignorant tyrants" who don't understand the U.S. Constitution.

Reyes and the police supervisor also have a discussion about whether or not the MVC office is public or private property. As a government agency Reyes belives he is allowed to be on the property even if he is not there to conduct business.

After the road supervisor returns the encounter ends with the officers leaving without further conversation.

In a subsequent video, Reyes goes to the Rahway police station to request body camera footage of one of the officer's entire history. He also makes a request to meet with Mayor Raymond Giacobbe.

Giacobbe and Police Director Nicholas Brenier in a joint statement said they are aware of the video and asked the Union County Prosecutor's Office to conduct an internal investigation.

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