MAYWOOD — A Pennsylvania man who went missing in the freezing cold for more than five hours was found New Year's Day by a Bergen County police dog, who may have saved the man from possible death.

The dog led cops to an ATM vestibule where the man was trying to escape the below-freezing temperature by huddling under a floor mat.

Police in Hillsdale had requested the help of the Maywood Police Department's K-9 Unit early on Monday morning for the man who had last been seen at a local restaurant with friends. The friends became concerned that the man had not returned. In response, Maywood sent its 1-year-old bloodhound, Remington, also known as Remi, and his partner, Officer Chris Nichols.

Upon arriving at the scene, police said Remi was given the man's jacket to pick up his scent and was able to take authorities to the front of a bank about a half a mile from where he was last seen.

The search went through not only the town's business district but also a residential area. Police at the scene reported that the ATM vestibule at the bank was open, and the man was found under the rug.

In two months of work, police say Remi has had just two calls and that this was her first "walk-up" find. She is certified in human trailing by the state and the National Police Bloodhound Association. Remi is the second bloodhound used in the history of Bergen County law enforcement.

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