In honor of this President's Day long weekend, we've asked you to name your pick for GPOAT.

Yes, we added a letter to the 'sportsy' acronym for Greatest Of All Time. And you quickly responded on social media ... with some extra detail.

Edward Herbert shared a very thoughtful explanation for his pick as GPOAT, Abraham Lincoln.

"His Presidency saw Great Change. It endured a Civil War, and still was able to Empower The Powerless. The Terror Slaves had to endure, the Confederacy treated Slaves better during the War than their Union Counterparts, Who Would Have Thought?" he wrote. "During WWII there was no Sense Of Entitlement, and the Country worked together so the Allied Forces could be Victorious. Society no longer has that Can Do Attitude, because plainly, they do not want to. Those Individuals are a Waste Of Space by still think they are relevant, but not in their Wildest Dreams is that true."

George Washington, FDR and Ronald Reagan each received multiple votes. A few respondents think President Donald Trump already has set himself apart from his presidential forefathers, while there were also some nods for Bill Clinton.

Still others responded with a few fictitious versions of presidents- of course, Morgan Freeman makes the GPOAT list! Watch the video above for a roundup of answers, and see even more here:

You can also tell us your GPOAT, by tweeting us at @NJ1015.

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