The language learning app and e-learning platform preply recently did a survey of parents regarding the slang their teen children use. The results were rad! Oops, my '80s/'90s are showing, sorry.

Some of the findings…

Almost 3 in 5 parents say they try to keep up with modern slang to better connect with their teens.


1 in 2 parents are trying to keep up to keep their teens safe. (I guess snooping through those texts is meaningless if you don’t know what they’re saying.)

1 in 10 parents would prefer their teen curse than use modern slang.

Based on this survey of more than 600 parents here are saying the most popular slang terms among teens right now.


So what is sus? It means suspicious. “I don’t know man, he says he didn’t tell the teacher it was me but he’s sus.”

Bet is now used the way the slang term ‘word’ used to be used, sort of as a greeting and definitely as an exclamation.

So how well are parents keeping up on the slang their teens are using? Depends on the word.

They know ‘salty’ quite well, or else they’d be salty for not knowing it.


They know ‘sus’ well too, and there’s a top ten of slang words parents admit to using themselves. I’m sure teens just love that.


And don’t even come at a parent with bussin’, cheugy or turnt or else you’ll be finna to have an argument.

Find more on the report here.

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