Very special guest joining me on Friday to honor the men and women in uniform serving our communities faithfully in New Jersey. His name is John Larkin and he's the co-chairman of Officer Down. The organization started in 2002 when Mercer County Sheriff's detective Kevin McManimon passed away from cancer leaving behind his widow and two children.

The organization helped raise $10,000 for the McManimon family who were devastated by the loss of a husband and father who passed away only 30 days after his diagnosis. Before he passed, PBA 187 president Mike Vasil said that Detective McManimon asked him to make sure his family was "taken care of". From that dramatic moment showing the true heroism of detective McManimon, thinking about his family in his darkest final moments, an important organization was born.

According to the organizations mission...

" The criteria was set as any full-time Law Enforcement Officer in the State of New Jersey that was in financial need, regardless if the injury or demise occurred on duty or off and regardless of their union affiliation, Officer Down would assist them."

We're humbled to honor the heroes that stand up for the families of officers who are struggling through injury and/or dealing with the untimely death of a uniformed hero.

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