MONTVILLE — A Republican elected official in this Morris County township is under fire after sharing a Facebook post that compares Democrats to Nazis.

On April 8, June Witty posted an image comparing supposed similarities between Democrats and Nazis, including "socialism, abortion, censorship, no guns, media and mind control," according to a report on The post also said that Democrats and Nazis "hate Jews and whites."

Despite calls from other Republican members of the governing body and the public to resign, Witty asked for a second chance.

"Last week, I re-posted something that was written in connection with the national debate between Republicans and Democrats," Witty was quoted as saying. "I posted a matter that related to some extreme opinions that have taken place over the past two years."

Witty said she understood that "a number of residents were offended by that particular post," but said that the post "is not a reflection of my opinion or views, and most importantly not reflective of my actions."

Despite the apology, the all-Republican committee and mayor voted unanimously for censure in a resolution that also called for Witty to resign.

The apology from the committeewoman was not enough for the board of the local Pine Brook Jewish Center.

"This post by Committeewoman Witty was not only insensitive to township residents registered as Democrats but, more importantly, this post is rooted in the hate and vitriol toward the Jewish Community," the center said in a letter. "Anti-Semitism is growing throughout the United States and our community will not stand idle as our elected official share anti-Semitic rhetoric on Facebook."

The Jewish group said it was glad to see the committee censure Witty but they "find it disheartening that the township committee does not have a mechanism to remove Ms. Witty from her position due to her actions."

The group calls for Witty to resign "due to her lack of ethics, her clear disdain for those with political beliefs that differ from hers, and her lack of judgement about anti-Semitism and hate groups."

Multiple attempts by New Jersey 101.5 to get comment from Witty and Conklin were not returned as of Thursday afternoon.

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