🎯 Target has over 50 stores in NJ

🎯 Newest is at shopping plaza with lots of food options

🎯 Opening date expected to be April 2024

One of New Jersey’s most popular retail chains, Target, has been hiring employees for its newest store in the state.

An opening date has been set for April, alongside a new ShopRite grocery store also opening that’s part of a sprawling new, mixed-use development, Glenwood Green.

Old Bridge retail plaza via RegencyCenters.com (3)
(Retail plaza under construction via RegencyCenters.com)

The Middlesex County site has been built along Route 9 — the Target has a street address of 800 Schulmeister Road in Old Bridge.

Target store design (Target)
Target store design (Target)

In addition to those anchor stores, the plaza includes a Wawa station, an on-site ambulatory care center run by Rendina Healthcare and retail and food offerings including:

🔸 ShakeShack
🔸 Chipotle Mexican Grill
🔸 Honeygrow
🔸 Duck Donuts
🔸 Gregory’s Coffee

Old Bridge retail plaza via RegencyCenters.com
Old Bridge retail plaza via RegencyCenters.com

More than 1,200 new residences have been under development on the neighboring land — including 200 homes built in 2023, according to developer Regency Centers.

Target store design (Target) (2)
Target store design (Target) (2)

As of February 2024, there are 51 Target stores open in NJ.

“There’s a Target store within 10 miles of most doorsteps in America,” according to the retail giant’s website, which adds “And we’re not done yet!”

Target stores in central NJ (Google Maps)
Target stores in central NJ (Google Maps)

The new location in Old Bridge winds up being in a triangle of sorts with two Target stores in Monmouth County — further south along Route 9 in Manalapan and just off Route 35 in Middletown.

It's also not too far east of the Target store in Milltown along Ryders Lane.

Last year, West Orange approved a new Target to open among a “village” retail plaza. While the initial opening estimate had been spring of this year, there has been no update on the retailer’s site.

Among existing stores is one in Jersey City — and Target has been working to open two more stores in the city.

Last year, Target was granted approval to open a new store along Route 440 at the former Kmart space in the Stadium Plaza shopping center, according to JerseyDigs.

There has also been a Target store under construction in the Journal Square neighborhood since 2022, as reported by Hoboken Girl, though no updates online about an opening.

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