Men used red van in repeat trips to grocery store, cops say

Police surprised by items stolen

ROCHELLE PARK — Two men have been arrested on theft and other charges after a bizarre heist targeting a local grocery store over the course of two weeks.

Newark resident Hector Cortes and Alfredo Rodriguez, a 77-year-old Cuban national living in Elizabeth, were arrested on Tuesday shortly after their distinct red van pulled up outside the ShopRite on West Passaic Street.

Illustration_ red van, police sirens (Canva)
Illustration_ red van, police sirens (Canva)

Rochelle Park police said the 2003 Ford Econoline van had first been spotted on surveillance video at the same store in late March when shopping carts started going missing.

A total of 140 carts — worth a collective $28,000 — have disappeared from the store, police said.

Alfredo Rodriguez (top) Hector Cortes (bottom) Shopping carts (Canva, RPPD, Bergen County Sheriff's Office)
Alfredo Rodriguez (top) Hector Cortes (bottom) Shopping carts (Canva, RPPD, Bergen County Sheriff's Office)

When officers stopped Rodriguez and the 54-year-old Cortes on Tuesday, five carts were found in the van.

Police were now working to determine if both men were connected to all of the missing carts.

Alfredo Rodriguez (left), Hector Cortes (right) (RPPD, Bergen County Sheriff's Office)
Alfredo Rodriguez (left), Hector Cortes (right) (RPPD, Bergen County Sheriff's Office)

In addition to theft, each man faced charges of receiving stolen property, burglary tools and possession of property derived from criminal activity.

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