When driving … Do you brake for animals?

And, if you do, would you expect to be ticketed and have your car towed away from the scene of a minor crash?

It happened to Carteret Mayor Daniel J. Reiman on Dec. 28, according to a report by NJ.com.

In New Jersey, the law is that a driver is required to maintain control of their car at all times.

Police authorities say that Reiman allegedly swerved to miss hitting a dog and then he hit a parked car. The crash occurred near his home.

Reiman told NJ Advanced Media that it is his intention to contest the ticket in court.

In his email to NJ Advance Media, Reiman wrote that after he hit the parked car, he unbuckled his seatbelt and waited for the police to arrive.
It remains to be seen if Mayor Reiman can successfully flip his careless driving ticket.
If you skid on ice and then rear-end the car in front of you, you will routinely be declared to be an at-fault driver and receive a ticket.
Here’s another example: If a car crashes into you from behind and the force pushes you into the rear of a car in front of you … you are typically responsible for a rear-end crash.
This is under the same rule that you are required to maintain control of your car at all times. Even when it would appear physically impossible to do so.
It seems unfair. But, that’s the law in New Jersey.

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