The governor just signed a law banning "pet leasing" in New Jersey. This makes us just the fourth state to pass such a law.

It can end up costing you more in the long run if you decide to buy your pet, and if you don't, the pet ends up in the hands of the company holding the lease. This outrages animal lovers, and they've convinced the legislature to take action.

The practice seems risky and foolish to some. Lots of pet lovers feel a strong bond with animals and feel the practice is cruel and unfair to the animal. But if you find yourself in a situation where this arrangement is beneficial to you, and many have, then you were able to lease a pet, mostly dogs. Now you'll have to find a company in a neighboring state that will do it for you.

This law puts the rights of the animal above the people that might want to have this kind of arrangement. Maybe you'll only be in town for a year or two, and you don't form the kind of bonds that many people do with pets and can just turn the pet in. Not everyone feels the way many passionate pet people do.

I don't think I would ever enter into this kind of agreement, but if someone else wants to, I don't see it my duty to prevent someone from doing it. And it's not the duty of our lawmakers to "feel" about pets the way they do for their human constituents. The lawmakers involved in this banning aren't really looking out for the "consumer" who might end up paying more.

We're all adults. We should be able to understand a lease agreement, its costs and details. This law isn't even about the pets that might be turned in and or abandoned. This is about feelings. That seems to be all that motivates society and its pandering politicians. They are filling a need to make people feel that they've done something good and just. New Jersey's politicians keep avoiding the massive problems of bloated, overreaching and far too expensive government. They get away with it by continuing to pass laws to make us feel good.

Congratulations to both sides on this one. Job well done. Or as I would say to 'Givenor' Murphy, "that's a goooood boooyyy!"

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