It'll rip the bones from your back,
It's a death trap,
It's a suicide rap

What's not romantic about New Jersey?!?

Turns out very little. According to a study (by of all places, how Jersey does that sound?), New Jersey isn't the most romantic state in the nation. That honor belongs to West Virginia. Wait, I thought Virginia was for lovers, not West Virginia. At least that’s what the tourism slogan will tell you.

They analyzed Google data to see which states were searching the most for Valentine's Day special gifts, special places, romantic ideas, etc., versus those who couldn't be bothered.

Turns out New Jersey is right behind West Virginia. We're the second most romantic state (according to this anyway). And that's a big step up from last year's ranking when we were number 6.

Of course, you might look at it a different way, that the most romantic people don't need Google to give them romantic ideas. But I digress.

So which state was the least romantic? While the rest of America would probably guess it would have been us, turns out it's Oregon.

What makes New Jersey so romantic? Well, we are the most densely populated place in the country. Maybe we're just bumping into each other and accidentally making love? Or is it that aphrodisiac scent of exit 13A with the chemical plants, factories and jet fuel? Maybe we're just so well rested after not pumping our own gas we're using all that energy in the bedroom?

Who knows? But I'll take a table for two please, not near the kitchen, and not near the landfill, thank you.

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