New Jersey is a great place to live for working moms, according to a new survey by personal-finance website, Wallethub, which conducted an in-depth analysis of 2017's Best and Worst States for Working Moms.

Analyst Jill Gonzalez says New Jersey ranks third overall — one of the best states for working moms, preceded only by Vermont at No. 1 and Minnesota at No. 2.

She says the Garden State is a winner when it comes to child care. Child care costs "now equate for around 18 percent of the average woman's salary in New Jersey, which sounds like a lot but we're seeing this tick up to 25 percent in neighboring states," she adds.

New Jersey ranks 16th in the areas of child care costs and day care quality — one of the only states to be neck and neck, says Gonzalez.

According to the survey, New Jersey ranks seventh when it comes to access to pediatric services and the state has the second-best school systems in the country, only behind Connecticut.

Work-life balance is also good in New Jersey. The parental leave police score is seventh-best in the country, says Gonzalez. California is leading the pack but New Jersey has been picking up a lot of the slack.

"The average women's work week is around 35 hours long but the average commute time in New Jersey is one of the worst in the country."

So what areas can New Jersey improve? Gonzalez says that would be professional opportunities for women. The state ranked 20th in the nation for that, especially when we're looking at the ratio of female to male executives in the workplace. Right now, females are still being outmatched about 4 to 1.

One other thing that could use a little bit of improvement is the overall female unemployment rate. Right now that's at 6 percent in New Jersey, which is in the bottom 10. Gonzalez says typically she would like to see that female unemployment rate right along side with the national average of anywhere between 4 and 4.5 percent.

The worst state for working moms is Alabama.

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