Congressman Chris Smith, one of the strongest champions of the ‘little guy’ in Washington DC, joined me Monday to share his latest victory on your behalf.

Since joining the House of Representatives in 1981, Chris Smith has been an advocate for families dealing with Autism. Forty years ago, the numbers in Jersey were approximately 1-3 children diagnosed out of every ten thousand. Today, that number is 1 out of every 34.

Congressman Smith recently lead the way to passing the fourth bill, which will direct resources to the National Institutes of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to directly help families and professionals combat the epidemic. As he explained to me on the show, so much can be accomplished with early detection and diagnoses.

You can read the bill HERE.

President Trump is expected to sign the bill this week. Thanks again to Congressman Smith’s leadership. He is my go-to example of why term limits area a bad idea. Term limits are already in place, they’re called elections. If you want to limit something in Trenton and DC, vote.

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