For the fourth year in a row, New Jersey has earned the dubious distinction of being the state that has the most people moving out. It’s no wonder.

I don’t have to tell you about the high taxes, the poor business climate, the overreaching government, and that increasingly high cost of living. Hard-working people just can’t take it anymore and they’re finding places to go that are more financially hospitable.

According to Axios, United Van Lines’ 2021 index shows that once again, NJ is the top outbound state in the country.

People are running out of the Garden State like their houses are on fire and it’s almost as if the powers that be in Trenton either don’t know (they do) or don’t care (they don’t) about the great exodus.

Interestingly, the states that are right behind us in people moving out:

2) Illinois

3) New York

4) Connecticut

5) California

Large living room with stack of moving boxes

What do we know about those states? They all have a similar M.O.: Similar government overreach. Similar tax and spend philosophies. Similar big Government tactics, like tons of programs for poor people, and very little to bolster the middle class or small business.

New Jersey, along with numbers 2 through 5 are all states that reward people who have made bad decisions in their lives and punish those who are just trying to make a living, work hard and follow the rules — people who’ve made a lot of money or people who haven’t but have just enough to not get help from the government.

And in most cases, they wouldn’t want it anyway. But they wouldn’t mind catching an occasional break.

The more the current situation continues in Trenton, with our clueless legislature and with Phil Murphy who never met a giveaway he didn’t love, the more the mass migration will continue. And our legislature doesn’t know what to do to make it stop. Or worse, and more likely—doesn’t care

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