LODI — A woman who has spent most of her life living in public housing may lose her home because her grandson visits her on an almost daily basis.

According to NBC New York, Rose Dimaria got an eviction threat for having an "unauthorized visitor," identified as her grandson Gregory Ciccone. Dimaria, who is coming off treatment for breast cancer, said Ciccone brings her breakfast in the morning and checks her mail.

The NBC story said it may be the mail checking that has raised concerns for the housing authority after Ciccone spent three years in jail for mail fraud. Ciccone told NBC he is not doing anything illegal with his grandmother's mail, and that there are "outside family members who I no longer interact with" who he believes are behind the letter and threat.

"It's been a tumultuous several years between my divorce, and who took sides over several cases. In their attack on me, it's affecting my grandmother."

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