Wenning Foods in Long Branch, NJ has been providing high-quality meats and other foods, including their famous “griddle dogs” for over 100 years.

What I like about Wenning’s is that the Wenning family started and continues to run their business. It is the epitome of a true family business. Louis Wenning opened Wenning Foods in Long Branch, NJ in 1922 when he saw the need to provide quality meats, poultry, and other foods to the ever-growing Monmouth County community.

Over the years the business has been passed on to family members and my friend Dennis Wenning is now at the helm while overseeing the business he and the Wenning family give so much back to the community with charitable commitments.

I buy his fresh ground beef in 10-pound packs, whack them up into good-sized burgers, and then freeze them, and they are ready to defrost and when needed ready to throw on the grill. They are delicious and it’s the same beef that was provided to many of the restaurants that I have named as places in New Jersey to get the best burgers.

The Wenning grilling dogs are very good. Throw them on the grill and you’ll get the real deal. Their hot dogs are served in some of the best hot dog restaurants here in New Jersey.

I have also had their 2-inch pork chops and other meats and have been thrilled with my decision to go to Wenning Foods.

While they are primarily a wholesale distributor you can walk into their Long Branch facility and pick up some great items.

I like supporting local family-owned businesses, and Wenning Foods is certainly one of the best here in New Jersey. Make the trip to see them, you won’t be disappointed.

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