I'm thinking that after so many people adhered to the lockdown, as they come back into the world, they simply forgot how to drive. Maybe it's because we do not teach new drivers effectively to deal with real-road situations.

Whatever the reason, I've seen driving in NJ go from bad to worse.

People cutting drivers off or going around trucks on the shoulder to gain maybe 10 seconds on their trip. Perhaps the worst are people so distracted that they don't notice the ambulance coming up from behind.

We had a caller, Tom from Tabernacle, who manages first responders and he rightfully called out those drivers. I asked him about pulling over if the ambulance is coming the other way on a two lane road. He wasn't sure but has witnessed cops pulling over people who pulled over who were going the opposite way.

Either way, be aware when an ambulance is behind you because literally because someone's life could be at stake. If you're the driver that races to get ahead of the car in front of you with 1,000 feet before the exit off the Parkway, it's time to check yourself.

Why would you take that kind of risk? Why would you jeopardize the lives of the people in your car and those in the other car? Seriously not worth the extra 30 seconds.

We also got a call from Sean, a truck driver on the NJ Turnpike, who recalled an accident on the Turnpike in 2016 where a military truck blew out a tire and flipped over. Hero Sean helped save one of the soldiers life by applying a tourniquet to her severely injured leg.

Just goes to show that you need to stay alert and aware, anything can happen at anytime on the roads.

Here's the video from the accident site on the Turnpike.

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