We've talked about the stupid things people do to their cars. This time of year you're going to start seeing the wreaths on the grill. Or the red nose on the grill with the antlers over the doors. Any time of year you can see the eyelashes around the headlights because why wouldn't you want your car's headlights to look sexy, right? Or the holy grail of idiotic things people do to their cars... the truck nuts.

This one is pretty basic. Too many bumper stickers. If there's a surefire way to ruin a perfectly good car, it's a bumper sticker. Especially more than a dozen bumper stickers. This guy was in front of me today. Granted it's not the greatest picture through the rain soaked windshield but you get the idea. I always imagine the guy who studied automotive design for years and sweated over every fine detail before his team released the new year's design model, wrestling over every nuance, then seeing his design 6 months later covered in bumper stickers like the gem "when life gives you gas... fart... and blame it on the fat kid."

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