I was stuck behind this guy for part of my commute home the other night. I sure hope he got to where he was going okay. For miles all I could picture was straps snapping and his stuff flying into my windshield. There was no passing him either. I was stuck.

It got me thinking about how we all have these various driver prejudices. Don't you find you have certain types of cars, drivers, or situations that you avoid like the plague? A common one, even if unfair, is when you see a car with dents along the entire side bumper to bumper and you avoid driving next to him. You assume he's a terrible driver always getting into accidents. I think we all have these so feel free to share your own.

I made a brief list of people, cars, and situations I try to get away from on the road.

1) The elderly driver - they could be 88 years old and possibly drive better than me, but I'm not taking that chance. If it's not an accident I'm concerned about, it's the likely slow speed.

2) BMW's - beautiful, well engineered cars. But for some reason it seems I always see those who own them driving like idiots; cutting people off, speeding, tailgating, you name it.

3) Being behind a truck at a toll booth - if possible to switch lanes safely I will. They simply have too much weight to get back up to speed anytime soon after the toll.

4) The new car carrier - someday, sooner or later, one of these is going to come unchained and I don't want to have it on my lap when it does.

5) The student driver car - do I even have to give an explanation?

What other people, cars, or situations do you go out of your way to avoid? Let us know on Twitter @NJ1015, or in the comment section below.

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