Gianna is a typical kid living in Howell, NJ. She enjoys riding her bike around town and was crushed when her bicycle was destroyed in a crash. The crash was an accident and thankfully Gianna and the driver were not hurt.

The bike, however, not so lucky.

Between Gianna's family and the driver, who felt terrible, they didn't have the extra money to help Gianna get a new bike. Enter the Howell PD and B3 Bicycles on Route 9 North. The cops and this great Jersey small business stepped up to help Gianna get a new bike.

Yes, it's a small gesture when you look at all that is happening in the world today. But it's an important reminder that life is about the small stuff. It's about small acts of kindness and caring that are too often overlooked. Producer Kristen spotted this one on Facebook and I wanted to share it with you.

Thanks to Howell Police Officer Cuzzo who responded to the accident scene and brought the story to light.

Our Blue Friday honorees today are the entire team at the Howell PD, protecting, serving and helping with the small stuff. Remember, there is a thin line between civilization and savagery...and that line is Blue.

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