WASHINGTON (Gloucester) — It was a bad Friday morning for a 28-year-old Pennsylvania man who ended up arrested and with his car on fire.

Police say Patrice Laporte Jr., 28, was driving around this South Jersey town without any clothes. After crashing his car about 10:33 a.m., police said they had to shoot him with a Taser to arrest him.

Laporte slammed his car into at least four other vehicles before coming to a stop at Priscilla Town Center on Highway 42 with several flat tires and front-end damage, police said.

Police say Laporte at first ignored an officer's command to get out of the car. He then got out but continued to ignore police as he walked away.

Police then took him down using a Taser and had him sent to Jefferson Washington Township Hospital.

Police said a short time after the man got out of the car, it started smoking and burst into flames.

Laporte, of Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, was charged with obstructing and resisting arrest.

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